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December 06 2015


Pass Your Own Singapore FTT

Passing your Basic Theory Test can be the extremely first step to get your current driving license in Singapore.

Specifically we're referring to always be able to motor cars Class three / 3A / 3C / 3CA.

Note: Class 3C / Class 3CA are usually new licenses issued through the Visitors Police effective 1st June 2015.

To make issues simpler, regardless of any sort of Class 3 you'll must clear theBasic Theory Test along with Final Theory Test believed your current Practical Driving A Car Test differs inside terms of your specifications of the sort of Class ftt test 3 license you may be taking.

Whether you're heading with regard to Manual or Auto (Class three / 3A / 3C / 3CA licenses), the particular Basic Theory Test (Exam) will be held in several driving a car schools.

Note: An Individual may signal up as a college student for your Basic theory test in CDC even should you intend to function with private traveling instructors later. Within fact we recommend one to sign up using the university when you're preparing for your Basic Theory Test.

As any student, you can take a lot more mock (simulated) Basic theory test tests 2-3 hours ahead involving the real exam. This may greatly help you throughout clearing your current Basic Theory Test.

What to pay / learn throughout Basic Theory Test / Exam?

We highly recommend anyone choose the Basic Theory of Traveling – the Official Handbook from your college ( it comes as getting a package deal with almost all the Final Theory ubi driving centre Test handbook) whenever you e-book for the Basic Theory Test.


- Introduction for you to driving (in Singapore), distinct courses regarding driving a car licenses

- Singapore road Indicators as well as Signals (you literally must memorise just about all these)

- Singapore traffic Guidelines and regulations (again just pure memorisation)

- Code of conduct around the road

- Parts as well as Manage regarding a Car (Basic)

- Along With various other nitty gritty details which in turn we is not necessarily going to cover here.

- When you distinct your Basic Theory Test (you can get your current outcomes around the spot with a print out), your current Basic Theory Test “Pass Results” stays along with you with regard to life.

- This kind of means, you can carry on to do the actual subsequent 2 steps (together should you want)

1. Acquire a Provisional Driving A Car License (PDL) – this allows you to locate out practical lessons about the roads with a certified driving instructor. Without Having this PDL, a person can't book to your driving a car lessons

2. E-book the Final Theory Test date. An Individual definitely need to distinct your current Basic Theory Test Date before booking for the Final driving license Theory Test Date.

We will comfortdelgro driving centre assist you to clear the Basic Theory Test (BTT) using ease.

Final Theory Test

The Final Theory Test is actually a entire lot tricker compared to be able to the Basic Theory Test inside the perception that you is going to be expected for you to understand how a manual car work (clutch, brakes along with accelerator) collectively with all the different gears.

Even in the big event you are generally likely for that auto auto license (Class 3A), you've in order to obvious the same Final Theory Test taken by simply Class three students (Manual as well as Auto).


We sense it’s better for you to definitely show up at no much less than one for you to 2 practical lessons having a manual or auto auto FIRST prior to be able to taking your FTT. This kind of gives you a much much better appreciation of the utilisation of the clutch-brake-accelerator mixture collectively with all the gear. quite the great deal of concerns inside the FTT addresses this.

Pay attention to how the FTT concentrates on ftt test consume drinking. Applies a new large amount of sound judgment and anyone also could clear a new great offer of such questions. Essentially do NOT drink along with drive!

Areas covered inside the Final Theory Test:

- Introduction – safe driving

- Operation of vehicle controls. This covers the particular different fuctions on clutch, brake, accelerator as well as gears pertaining to example.

- Basic Traveling Techniques covering various safety areas of driving.

- Techniques inside driving a car throughout traffic. Generating uphill and downhide and other details in navigating the particular traffic.

November 22 2015


What on earth is grate |grating |grateing|gratting?

http://www.jonite.us/ What's grateing?

Quietly serving its duty obscurely as being a drain cover (that's what gratings are) that allows us to walk on it to enjoy the walking space it enables while protecting us from falling into drains is what is not popularly known as grate.

Throughout the last 2 decades in the industry, common terms used for drain covers are "grate", "grating" or even "grateing".

When one mentions drain covers, the concept that first appear are the typical metal drain covers you can see on walkways.

Check out our wide variety of stone gratings here.

July 22 2015


Trusty Private Driving Instructors to help you in clearing your driving license test

When considering your practical driving, there are choices of selecting school driving instructors or private driving instructors.

A main reason why many people choose private driving instructors certainly is the cost factor.

You could be paying only SGD$45 per 90 minutes session (from what I check on the internet some private driving instructors will offer lower rates) with a private driving instructor. And with the same driving instructor (private), you obtain better pointers with regards to correcting your bad driving habits, which actually increases your odds of passing.

With the main advantage of btt test getting a private driving instructor being the cost factor, the subsequent challenge you'll have is to hire the ideal private driving instructor to prepare you for your practical test.

If you hire and work with a private driving instructor for the first time, there is a one-time SGD$60 (industry average) as registration fee. The drawback lies herein, let's say you pay the $60 registration fee and doesn’t get the right private driving instructor? You end up paying the registration fees for a new private driving instructor again (and you face exactly the same risks still).

What we do btt test here in Kukudrivers is to work with a pool of private driving instructors who definitely are good and come highly recommended. With regards to this, one man’s meat can be another’s posion. Why?


As http://driving-in-singapore.spf.gov.sg/services/driving_in_singapore/services/private.html lame as it could sound, you may not have the affinity with a private driving instructor who comes recommended by your friends who have good experience with.

I understand this as this comes from my own personal first hand experience. My first private driving instructor was an ok person and perhaps I’m a little slow initially, he wasn’t exactly patient with me (my friend who recommended me mentioned he was really patient with him).

No hard feelings, it’s basically similar outside anyway, some people just “click” more with others.

Over here at Kukudrivers, what we do is to work with a pool of private private driving instructor driving instructors who come recommended and all you need to do is pay us a one-time fee and in the event of you not btt test being able to work things out with your private driving instructor, we shall recommend another individual 100 % free!

This private driving instructor reduces your risks for getting a private driving instructor. At the same time you can practice your Basic Theory Test (BTT) at our website.

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